The Continental Range

Meet the Continental GT – the ultimate statement of power, luxury and automotive beauty.

Its captivating ability and appearance redefine the grand tourer category, placing discovery at the heart of your experience. From the unrivalled attention to detail inside the cabin, to the formidable combination of exhilarating yet effortless performance; the road ahead is calling. Answer with the Continental GT.

The full range includes the Continental GT V8, the peerless grand tourer and the Continental GT, balancing beauty and immense power for a truly breathtaking driving experience. Similarly, the Continental GT V8 Convertible?and Continental GT W12 Convertible?offer exhilarating open-air driving and exceptional handling, stirring the grand tourer spirit within to make every drive unforgettable.

The latest addition is the exclusive Continental GT Mulliner* and Continental GT Mulliner Convertible*, the absolute pinnacle of the range. Available with your choice of dynamic V8 or supremely powerful W12** engine and an array of bespoke features, this luxurious and rare vehicle is crafted by the unrivalled expertise of Bentley Mulliner.

Find out more about the exceptional Continental GT by contacting your local dealer.

*Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact your retailer for availability.
**Engine availability varies by market
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Supreme power. Maximum arrival

The Continental GT W12?lets you experience the full, unadulterated potential of an impressive 6.0 litre W12 engine, capable of a thrilling top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h). Its 8-speed dual clutch transmission allows for fast, efficient gear changes as the car effortlessly masters every climb, turn and twist of the road.

The Continental GT V8?puts the power of Bentley’s responsive and agile V8 engine in your hands, accompanied by the distinctive soundtrack of its emotive rumble as it powers onto a top speed of 198 mph (318 km/h). Drive Dynamics Control also provides four driving mode options for enhanced comfort and control wherever your journey takes you.

Explore the Continental GT W12 and V8 for yourself by contacting?your local dealer today.

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Enhanced performance & control

Whichever engine you choose, the Continental GT’s Active All-Wheel Drive system allows you to harness its power for maximum enjoyment. By optimising power distribution across all wheels and both axles whenever and wherever it’s needed, it guarantees exhilarating levels of acceleration, whatever the road conditions.

The Continental GT is fine-tuned for your journey with innovative features that let you make the most of its powerful potential without compromising on comfort – from the Pirelli Noise Cancellation System designed to reduce road noise, to adaptive air suspension with three chamber technology for added handling and control.

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Tuned to perfection

The electric, active roll control system, Bentley Dynamic Ride*, comes as standard on the Continental GT Mulliner and is optional on the Continental GT. ?By providing instant, variable resistance, or alternatively being able to effectively decouple the wheels on each end of the axle as required, it allows for matchless refinement, control and enjoyment around sweeping bends and along open straights.

Four driving modes have been specially configured to elevate comfort, performance and control further. Comfort mode optimises the drivetrain and chassis for luxurious cruising, while Sport ensures the car’s power and handling are instantly responsive to your demands. Bentley mode provides the ultimate balance of both, while Custom gives you the freedom to save your own combination of settings.

*Bentley Dynamic Ride standardisation varies by market
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Art in motion

The Continental GT exudes confidence and power with a breathtaking and bold design, inside and out.

Its stunning, sculpted body is exquisitely crafted from aluminium, steel and advanced composite materials using state-of-the-art techniques for added strength and visual impact. The result hints at the athleticism of the car, creating a sense of dynamic movement – even when it is stationary.

A long bonnet and short front overhang indicate classic grand tourer proportions, while a sweeping power line catches the eye at the headlamps and guides it along the side of the car to the muscular rear haunch and down to the striking wheels below.

The Mulliner Driving Specification also provides automotive art at its finest, with design details such as unique 22” wheels in four finishes, embroidered Bentley emblems on the seats, and diamond in diamond quilt pattern positioned on the seats, door casings and rear quarters.

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Extraordinary inside

*Extraordinary attention to detail has been paid throughout the cabin with only the finest and most authentic materials selected to create a luxurious, comfortable and spacious environment for all occupants.

An uninterrupted flow of wood – available as both dual or single veneers – encompasses driver and passengers, reflecting the symmetry of the Bentley ‘B’ as it radiates out from the central fascia. The new seats around which it flows are minimalist in style and as comfortable as they are elegant, handcrafted with Nappa leather and available in your choice of colour and stitching – including the breathtaking new ‘diamond-in-diamond’ option, which is both soft to the touch and stunningly intricate.?In addition to a wide range of veneered surfaces, your car can be commissioned with High Gloss Carbon Fibre, available as an option on all Continental models.

A new steering wheel design* employs a highly durable type of leather to ensure longevity and practicality, fusing timeless craft with advanced technology by integrating sensors that work in conjunction with the driver assistance system.

*This feature is not available in all markets. Please contact your local retailer for availability.?
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A distinctive aesthetic

The optional Blackline Specification adds an aggressive, formidable aesthetic to the Continental GT’s immutable presence. It replaces all of the exterior body brightware with painted trim – excluding the Bentley Wing badges and rear lettering – and includes black door handles, black radiator matrix grille and surround, along with black exhaust pipes and more. See its dramatic effect for yourself with the Bentley configurator.?

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The choice is yours with the Continental GT. The coupé?bears a quintessential, sleek grand tourer aesthetic – a look that can be enhanced further with an optional integrated fixed glass roof*. This beautiful piece of engineering and craftsmanship features an electrically-operated Alcantara blind, for an even greater connection with your environment.

Meanwhile, the Continental GT Convertible?provides an open-top, elegant expression of this thrilling grand tourer with an innovative four-layer roof, along with neck warmers, seat coolers and heated arm rests that cater for any condition.

Whether you choose the coupé or the convertible, each can be customised with a striking range of hides, veneers and colour splits, hand-cut and hand-upholstered to embody the luxury and attention to detail only Bentley can provide. Both models boast an unrivalled road presence thanks to the orchestrated grand tourer proportions which are long, low, wide and sleek – all at the same time. To truly discover how it feels to drive the convertible and coupé, speak to?your local?dealer.

*This feature is not available in all markets. Please contact your local retailer for availability.
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Made for every journey

Balance is a key element to the Continental GT, much like the mindset of its drivers. Instinctively knowing how to combine beautiful design with practicality is something that distinguishes the Continental GT, to create a grand tourer for every journey, whether it’s close to home or further afield.

The generous cabin provides a spacious environment for the driver, front passenger and two adult passengers in the rear, while the sizeable boot can comfortably accommodate two sets of golf bags or luggage for a long weekend break. Whether spontaneous or planned, the Continental GT is the ultimate partner for wherever your mood takes you.

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For those who seek the ultimate form of craftmanship, refinement and luxury, look no further than the Continental GT Mulliner. Hand-built by the unrivalled expertise of the Bentley Mulliner team in Crewe, every element of this luxurious grand tourer has been considered, from the immersive choice of mood lighting to the supreme selection of 3-colour seating and trim combinations which enable you to customise this car to your exacting standards.

A Diamond Milled Technical Finish adorns the centre console, which is finished with a new and exclusive brushed silver Breitling for Mulliner Clock – a timepiece set between a pair of chrome bullseye air vents to provide stunning interior jewellery found only on this model. Exterior details denote its rare Mulliner status with a stunning diamond-in-diamond front grille and branded wing vents that further enhance its captivating road presence. This is truly a car to see and be seen in. Explore the Continental GT Mulliner and Continental GT Mulliner Convertible?now to discover the unique possibilities for yourself.

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible [link] possesses an exclusive Tonneau cover quilting, found only on this model. Handcrafted with contrast and accent stitching, an intricate and tactile finish is created, elevating this model to new levels of luxury and establishing a harmonious flow of depth and character that is unmistakable.

The Continental GT Mulliner features an exclusive 22” 10-spoke painted and polished wheel with self-levelling wheel badge as standard. ?

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A comprehensive suite of assistance systems allows you to make the most of your journey by adding new levels of control and safety.

Active Lane Assist provides gentle steering assistance should you cross any lane boundaries, while Blind Spot Warning alerts you to any hazards in hard-to-see areas around your car. If you’re travelling across vast plains or heading out on a long motorway drive, the Touring Specification provides essential features such as Pre-sense braking and Night Vision which utilises infrared technology to see beyond the reach of the headlamps.

In urban environments, City Specification uses a 360o Top View Camera to aid navigation in busy streets, while Integrated Traffic Sign Recognition works to detect speed limits, displaying the information on the optional Head-Up Display, right where you need it.

Intelligent LED Matrix beam headlamps, which comprise of 55 individually controlled LEDs, allow the main beam to be used continuously, with no intervention needed. They’re automatically optimised for different driving conditions so, whether you’re driving on the open road or through the city at night, you can enjoy maximum visibility.

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Breathtaking craft and innovative technology seamlessly combine in the Bentley Rotating Display*. When the engine roars to life, a veneered section of the fascia physically rotates to reveal the 12.3” high resolution touchscreen, which can be customised to show the information you desire. Then, to simply disconnect from the outside world, the display can rotate once more to show three analogue dials that feature polished chrome bezels – a hint of Bentley’s heritage and classic design.

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Stay connected

You can choose to escape on the open road or stay connected with the wider world thanks to a suite of My Bentley Connected Car services* and the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

With Apple CarPlay functionality, you can connect your personal devices to the infotainment system and set the soundtrack to your journey, while real-time traffic information adds the latest traffic data into the navigation system. In the event of an accident, Private eCall will connect you to an emergency call centre.

You can even check on your car when you’re away from it using the My Car Status service, accessed via the My Bentley app.

To see what services are available in your region, visit My Bentley Support.?

*My Bentley Services not available in all markets.?

Apple CarPlay and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
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*Since 1919, Bentley drivers have been collaborating with our designers and engineers to create breathtaking vehicles that reflect their extraordinary personality and tastes.

With 15 hides, five colour splits, 15 veneer options – eight single and seven dual veneers – and countless paints to choose from, there’s an almost unlimited world of customisable options available to choose from. The result? An incredibly rare and unique Continental GT that’s completely tailored to you.

Make the most of the latest additions to the Bentley paint range, which includes the highly desirable Viridian*, a rich, dark shade of spring green previously seen only on the exclusive GT Number 9 Edition.

Explore these colours further with the Bentley configurator.

*This feature is not available in all markets. Please contact your local retailer for availability.?
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Immerse yourself

You can customise far more than the colour, veneer and hide selections of your car.

The Continental GT possesses a number of 20", 21" and 22" wheel options, including a stunning 21" 10-spoke wheel in a range of different finishes. Should you desire to enhance its formidable presence further, a number of 22” wheel options are available, such as the forged 22” wheels on the Mulliner Driving Specification, resulting in a powerful and contemporary aesthetic.

You can take your pick from three immensely satisfying audio systems: standard, with 650 Watts and tuned by Bentley, Bang & Olufsen’s 1,500 Watt sound system with BeoSonic sound control or – for those who desire a truly immersive experience – Naim for Bentley’s 2,200 Watt sound system with active bass.

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Optional packages let you create a car that’s configured for you and your needs, changing both practical and design options as required – from the stunning Blackline Specification?that alters the exterior brightware of your car, to the City Specification, that includes Hands Free Boot Opening, Pedestrian Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and other tools that enhance urban driving.

Stunningly crafted accessories are also available to enhance your journey, such as protective personalised car covers for both indoor and outdoor use, and Bentley Winter Wheels and Tyres for the colder months. You can even commission a child seat trimmed with Bentley upholstery and embroidered with your child’s name.

Explore the full range of customisable options and accessories with the Bentley configurator. Or by contacting your local dealer.?

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